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A Very Brief History of Indian Museums

A Very Brief History of Indian Museums

Museums right from the time of their origin in Eighteenth century Europe have been set up for a variety of reasons, but the one reason that remains relevant through time and geographies is -public service through education.

One of the first museums to define education as its central role is the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. It was set-up as the South Kensington museum after the Great Exhibition of 1851, which was the first large-scale international exhibition showcasing machine-made products of the Industrial Revolution. The history of museums in India follows the story of this unique museum, with the British authorities in Nineteenth century India setting up museums of Industrial Art in various cities for the purpose of Education. These museums were used by art school students and enjoyed by general visitors who went there to see the wonders of technology and marvels of craftsmanship from around the world.

Museums of fine arts started to be set up in the early...

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Walking into N.C. Mehta Gallery

Walking into N.C. Mehta Gallery

Walking into N.C. Mehta Gallery is an experience stimulating for many art lovers, who are interested in admiring Indian art through miniature paintings. The gallery has collections on display on almost every popular school, where one can spend hours admiring and comparing the different styles. This write up is a little guide to the actual experience you would go through when you make your personal visit to the gallery.

Veiled in the hustle-bustle of the trafficked city of Ahmedabad, N.C. Mehta Gallery with the parent support of L.D. Museum, has a tranquil setup. As you walk towards the concrete structure before you, enjoy the noise cancellation of the bustling city, and enter into the lush green premises, accompanied by peacocks and twitchy squirrels. The structure before you is the Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum with, incorporated as a part of  L.D. Museum, back in 1993. Today this building itself is a visual experience for many young architects, to study the architectural...

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Significance of an Art Museum

Significance of an Art Museum

Art museums are symbol of representation of country’s’ heritage and a window to the distant past. It showcases the creative achievements gained by various innovative ideas and their applications.
Art museums are an extremely valuable source to know about the past of the humans and their varied cultures. They allow us to see the things which we usually see in books, televisions or on the websites. The art displayed invokes many queries and mindful of conversations about those cultures. An art museum allows us to explore varied cultures, religions, geographies Museums are also instrumental to research programmes. They provide an unrivalled wealth of information and resources as well as access to archives.

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