The Magen Abhraham Synagogue of Ahmedabad

It has Grecian pillars, a triangular roof, a high ceiling and artistic grills with designs of stars and thunderbolt, stained glass galleries, tall windows from where the light flows in, and chandeliers which lend an ethereal glow to the interior of the Magen Abhraham Synagogue of Ahmedabad. It is known to be one of the best in the country.

Few people have seen it, as this is where the Jews of Ahmedabad hold their prayers, even if the congregation fluctuates from large to small. Anyway, all we need is ten Jewish men to hold the prayers. We became a mini-microscopic community in the mid-sixties after the mass migration to Israel.

It is situated amongst religious sites of various communities. He said, nowhere in the world, could one see a synagogue in such unique setting. At first, there was a prayer hall in the walled city that is before it was shifted to the present location. A bench from the old prayer hall has been preserved at the synagogue.

Built in 1934, the...

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Walking into N.C. Mehta Gallery

Walking into N.C. Mehta Gallery

Walking into N.C. Mehta Gallery is an experience stimulating for many art lovers, who are interested in admiring Indian art through miniature paintings. The gallery has collections on display on almost every popular school, where one can spend hours admiring and comparing the different styles. This write up is a little guide to the actual experience you would go through when you make your personal visit to the gallery.

Veiled in the hustle-bustle of the trafficked city of Ahmedabad, N.C. Mehta Gallery with the parent support of L.D. Museum, has a tranquil setup. As you walk towards the concrete structure before you, enjoy the noise cancellation of the bustling city, and enter into the lush green premises, accompanied by peacocks and twitchy squirrels. The structure before you is the Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum with, incorporated as a part of  L.D. Museum, back in 1993. Today this building itself is a visual experience for many young architects, to study the architectural...

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Portraiture in India

Portraiture in India

The art-historical study of the art of painting in India has been going on now for more than one century. This study carried out mostly through the 20th century has convincingly established how the Indian painters have documented our own culture and society. Simultaneously the involvement with portraiture, the human face, facial features, resemblances and expressions, has been quite considerable. The western scholars in the early years of the 20th century have made certain assumptions regarding the shortcomings of the Indian painters which include two specific aspects. One, that no independent status was given to the genre of portraiture and two, regarding the degree of illusionistic naturalism. The pioneering art-historical scholar, Ananda Coomaraswmy, although had already discovered portrait drawings both in Rajput (Rajasthani and Pahari) and Mughal schools, yet he put forth a theory of 'ideal portraiture', which has been misunderstood and also needs to be questioned. Essentially...

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