Esther David

Author - Art Critic (Ahmedabad)

Esther David

Esther David received Sahitya Akademi Award and has authored seven novels. Trained as an artist, she was an art critic and columnist for The Times of India, Ahmedabad edition. She was involved with Lalit Kala Akademy and West Zone Cultural Center and made art videos on art education for EMRC with Malti Mehta.

Other Interests : Wild Life Conservation, Sketching, Reading Fiction, Following Studies related to Jewish Life, City-centric issues and the walled city of Ahmedbad

The Magen Abhraham Synagogue of Ahmedabad

It has Grecian pillars, a triangular roof, a high ceiling and artistic grills with designs of stars and thunderbolt, stained glass galleries, tall windows from where the light flows in, and chandeliers which lend an ethereal glow to the interior of the Magen Abhraham Synagogue of Ahmedabad. It is known to be one of the best in the country.

Few people have seen it, as this is where the Jews of Ahmedabad hold their prayers, even if the congregation fluctuates from large to small. Anyway, all we need is ten Jewish men to hold the prayers. We became a mini-microscopic community in the mid-sixties after the mass migration to Israel.

It is situated amongst religious sites of various communities. He said, nowhere in the world, could one see a synagogue in such unique setting. At first, there was a prayer hall in the walled city that is before it was shifted to the present location. A bench from the old prayer hall has been preserved at the synagogue.

Built in 1934, the...

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